My name is Zack Davis, I am an eighteen year old man. I have lived in Derry New Hampshire my whole life, and I am currently residing in Orono, Maine at the University of Maine. I am the oldest of three and I have one dog and two cats. I am a line cook at a local restaurant making pancakes and burgers. I’m a very easygoing person, and I love music. I’m in a band back home, I play guitar and I sing. I enjoy snowboarding, skateboarding, soccer, volleyball and drawing. I attended Pinkerton Academy High School. I can compose music, design logos/t-shirts etc., and I’ve filmed, edited, and acted in short films. Usually action or comedy. I’d like to learn programing and animation.

Creative Statement

I am studying New Media because I have a large interest in technology, and graphic design. I am highly motivated by the project at hand and I am vey inspired by the work of others, no matter what medium it is on. I love listening to, and writing music, and I am fascinated by new technology. A few years ago I worked on a team designing a website for a contest put on by Oracle designing a Flash based animation and we won 3rd place worldwide for our page on sustainability. I have worked with Final Cut Pro, IMovie, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Motion effects, Soundtrack pro, and Ableton Live 8. I’d love to learn 3-d animation for film and/or video games.

Portrait of Zack Davis